Incidents with Victims who are First Nations, Métis or Inuit

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Incidents with Victims who are First Nations, Métis or Inuit
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Incidents which involve violence against people who identify as First Nations, Métis or Inuit.


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  • Indigenous youth shot and killed by officer
    On February 5th, 2011, Constable Redlick and several other officers were dispatched to a robbery call. At the scene, there was a confrontation between officers and a 17 year old Indigenous boy. Officers claim that the teen carried a knife and a baseball bat, and charged toward Redlick, yelling "you're going to have to shoot me". No physical contact or altercation had yet been made with the victim when Redlick shot him three times from what he judged to be around three meters away. He died soon after on the operating table. Family and friends on the Cold Lake First Nation say that he was a troubled boy and struggled with alcohol addiction but didn't deserve to die. A fatality inquiry report released in August 2014 ruled that Redlick's actions were justified because the officers at the scene were faced with lethal force. An investigation by the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team also found Redlick's actions justified in December of 2011. The teen's family sued police, alleging that Redlick's testimony contained contradictions and fabrications. The teen's father hired a lawyer that asserted an Indigenous investigator should have been hired to look into the case.
  • Police officers circulate racist and discriminatory emails, abuse towards Indigenous peoples
    Carter was the subject of an LERB hearing in 2010 regarding his creation and dissemination of a racist and otherwise offensive email known as "Mr. Socko's Ten Principles of Downtown Policing" that was forwarded to a number of Edmonton Police officers in 2002 and other years. Carter and another officer, Radmanovich, were issued official warnings on their records. The email read as follows: "ÒMr SOCKOÕS Ten Principles of Downtown Policing. (Alternatively known as MR SOCKOÕS ÒDowntown WayÓ) 1) All the best ÒInvestigationsÓ end in a brawl. 2) The key to a successful partnership is to have crime on one another. 3) An ÒAboriginalÓ is actually just an Indian. 4) D58 is more than just transportation and should always be referred to as the ÒMobile Native Friendship Centre.Ó 5) Operating the D58 is the most noble job in the department. Ensure all subjects you deal with in the M.N.F.C. address you as ÒAmbassador.Ó 6) The Gaming and Liquor Act is the supreme document which governs us all. 7) Every arrest should be followed by a vague, yet wordy report. 8) In order to color an otherwise boring police report, repeatedly use words like ÒTrannyÓ, ÒWhoreÓ, and ÒAss-FuckedÓ, even if they have (sic) nothing to do with the investigation. 9) PCU is for stuff you already have. 10) Tom ENGEL is SATAN.Ó"
  • Indigenous man arrested without being informed why
    Pagnucco was found in a 2018 Court of Queen's Bench ruling to have breached the Charter Rights of an Indigenous man in 2015, by failing to inform him of the reasons for his arrest.