Police Discrimination

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  • A screengrab from the bystander video of the incident, showing three police officers piled on top of another person sprawled on the floor of a convenience store.
  • A seated indigenous man in a blue sweatshirt holding up a photograph of himself, unconscious and bruised in hospital.
  • A video shot from a nearby building shows a man restrained facedown on the ground by two police officers, one who appears to have his knee on the man's neck. He is then forced to his feet and dragged to a nearby cruiser. Throughout the video the man cries out in pain and asks the officers to stop.
  • A photo of a poster depicting a Black man in minstrel-style makeup and a Zulu outfit with his hands up, a German Shepherd in the foreground. The text reads "Buddy's First Get em! Get em!" "Whoooooa!!! WTF? Dad!"