Fatal Incidents

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  • A photo of the crime scene at night, showing several police vans, an ambulance, and a group of first responders (police and paramedics) gathered nearby. Behind them, a white tarp is laid over a body on the ground.
  • A PDF document issued by ASIRT with information on the incident and investigation
  • A close-up of a basement apartment window with a bullet hole through the glass. A superman figurine sits inside the windowsill.
  • A composite image showing two different guns, the top one a real handgun (text label illegible) and the bottom one the black-painted Airsoft pistol held by the victim.
  • A photo of a black-handled hunting knife alongside a ruler, it is approximately 27cm in length
  • A photo of a weapon on a brown background alongside a ruler. Something is taped on the barrel, possibly a flashlight.