Man shot and injured outside of Kingsway Garden Mall


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Incident Title
Man shot and injured outside of Kingsway Garden Mall
Incident Date
Incident Description
Edmonton Police Service members responded to a 911 call concerning a disoriented, bleeding male who was in possession of a knife outside the Kingsway Garden Mall. Five or six police officers surrounded the man, who refused to obey their repeated orders to put down the knife and lie down on the ground. When the man refused to obey these orders and attempted to evade the police, he was pepper-sprayed several times. However, the witness says the man was not deterred by the spray and began charging at police. At this point, the witness said the police used a taser to try stop the man and this also did not work to stop him. It was at this point that one of the officers shot the man and he went down to the ground. The man was treated in hospital.
An ASIRT investigation concluded with no criminal charges for the officers involved. The injured man faced several charges resulting from the incident, the outcome of which the Archive team was unable to locate.
Description Type
Non-eyewitness, based on documentation
Incident City
Incident Neighbourhood
Spruce Avenue
Injuries Incurred
Weapon used
Gun: service weapon
Type of Abuse
Physical violence
Victim Gender
Authority Involved
Edmonton Police Service
Officer Physical Description
Multiple officers
Complaint Filed
ASIRT Investigation
Court Cases
Charges laid against injured man, details unknown
Media Coverage
CTV News, May 3, 2013
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Research team
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