Unarmed man shot and injured by police


Incident ID
Incident Title
Unarmed man shot and injured by police
Incident Date
30 March 2017
Incident Description
Between March 25th to 27th, 2017, Edmonton Police received a tip that Bradley Ladouceur, 35, was armed and “willing to use them against police officers.” At this point Ladouceur was on release for gun related charges with officers surveilling Ladouceur’s home observing him breaching his bail conditions on the 27th, however the police furthermore stated that there was a warrant out for his arrest, but no such warrant existed at the time. On the 28th these officers did a curfew check on his home but found that he was not there at the time. Two days later Ladouceur called the police telling them that he was willing to surrender after being informed that he was violating his bail and had a warrant against him. The police then told him that they would call him back and did so by 6 PM to which Ladouceur told the police that he wanted a lawyer and apparently became angry and hung up. He was then observed leaving his home carrying a black bag into his Chevy Impala and avoided the police by doing an illegal U-turn and ran a red light. The police patrolled the area and found the car, abandoned. At around 6:20 PM a plain clothes officer and member of the team surveilling Ladouceur found him walking at 128 Avenue and 52 Street, with a second officer arriving immediately after. The surveillance officer (reported to be in the police for four years) confronted Ladouceur and told him that he was under arrest. Ladouceur was unarmed, but according to the police reached into his pocket and took out his cellphone which the officer perceived as a gun and shot at Ladouceur, striking and injuring him.
Ladouceur was transferred to the Royal Alexandra Hospital for his injuries with ASIRT opening up an investigation that day. Although he remained under 24/7 police guard, no charges were laid against him until April 28 2017, when several 2016 allegations were made against him. On March 19, 2020 ASIRT deemed the shooting justified.
Description Type
Non-eyewitness, based on documentation
Incident City
Incident Neighbourhood
Kennedale Industrial
Injuries Incurred
Gunshot wound
Weapon used
Gun: service weapon
Type of Abuse
Physical violence
Victim Gender
Victim Race
Authority Involved
Edmonton Police Service
Officer Physical Description
One officer
Complaint Resolution
ASIRT Investigation Closed Mar 19, 2020
ASIRT Investigation determined officer's actions justified.
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Research team
From published source
Archive Publication Date
2 May 2022