22-year-old on crutches assaulted by off duty police officer


Incident Title
22-year-old on crutches assaulted by off duty police officer
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Incident Description
On December 18th, 2005 early in the morning, the victim was hailing a cab with his crutch. He had recently undergone knee surgery. Officer Wasylyshen and some colleagues were off-duty and drinking, and had just gotten out of a cab. Wasylyshen noticed the individual and started to verbally attack him (calling him a "cripple"). In return the victim yelled back. Wasylyshen approached the victim and struck him with a closed fist in the left ear. Wasylyshen's friends held him back after this. The victim then called two friends, who arrived shortly after. The group of three crossed the street. Wasylyshen followed them, there was a violent exchange between Wasylyshen and the victim's two friends, in which the friends pinned the police officer to the ground. At this point two loss prevention officers from a 7-11 decided to get involved. While they were separating the group, Wasylyshen uttered threats to the officers and struck one of them.
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Type of Abuse
Physical violence;
Threat of violence
Victim Gender
Victim Disabilities
Had knee surgery and used crutches
Victim Sexual Orientation
Not listed
Authority Involved
Edmonton Police Service
Officer Name
Michael Wasylyshen
Officer Badge Number
Court Cases
R v Wasylyshen, 2009
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Alberta Police Misconduct Database
Alberta Police Misconduct Database
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Alberta Police Misconduct Database
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APMD original incident ID: i-S4iOZ8lImbFSEC
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August 9, 2022
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August 9, 2022
discreditable conduct;
Alberta Police Misconduct Database
From published source
Complaint Resolution
Wasylyshen pleaded guilty and was given a fine. In his workplace he was suspended without pay for 100 hours.
disciplinary hearing;
suspended without pay
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