Victim endures extensive delay of justice and lingering mental anguish when officer fails to lay charges against sexual violence perpetrator as directed


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Victim endures extensive delay of justice and lingering mental anguish when officer fails to lay charges against sexual violence perpetrator as directed
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A series of delays and poor communication with regards to handling sexual assault charges caused considerable distress to a victim who had been sexually abused by both her father and brother. On December 30, 2009, Officer Dahl completed an arrest report detailing the arrest of a man for multiple crimes against his sister, including sexual assault. He also forwarded information to the Delta Police Department regarding laying charges against the victim's father for historic sexual assaults that had previously been dismissed with no charges. In early 2010, the Delta Police Department returned the file to Dahl, stating that Crown approval was needed before they could proceed. The documents were forwarded to the Edmonton Crown Prosecutor's office in May of 2010. On November 2, 2011, Officer Dahl was forwarded a letter from the Crown recommending charges of sexual interference and sexual assault against the victim's father. The letter included instructions for Dahl to notify the Crown when the charges were laid and initial court date. In 2013 Dahl appeared at the Assistant Chief Crown Prosecutor's office without appointment, announcing that he had never laid the charges as instructed. The victim had phoned him to inquire and he realized his mistake. Dahl was then subject to an EPS investigation on allegations of Neglect of Duty. Investigators contacted the victim who expressed frustration with the process for taking so long and preventing her from moving on with her life due to the trial hanging over her. She was also angered by the fact that her father had developed severe dementia and would be unlikely to be held accountable for his actions due to the delays. During a disciplinary hearing in 2015, the allegations were proven to be true. He was given an 80 hour suspension without pay.
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Type of Abuse
Improper handling of sexual violence complaint
Injuries Incurred
Emotional distress;
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Not listed
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Edmonton Police Service
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Richard Dahl
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Alberta Police Misconduct Database
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Alberta Police Misconduct Database
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APMD original incident ID: i-C7s7EjENnve5NA
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August 9, 2022
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August 9, 2022
Edmonton Police Service;
neglect of duty;
Alberta Police Misconduct Database
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suspended without pay

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