ASIRT investigating a fatal shooting of a man by EPS


A photo of a weapon on a brown background alongside a ruler. Something is taped on the barrel, possibly a flashlight.
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ASIRT investigating a fatal shooting of a man by EPS
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Around 11:15pm on 03/12/2022 , EPS was called to Pleasantview, near 109th Street and 53rd Avenue, regarding a man who had 24 outstanding provincial warrants, as well as a Canada-wide warrant. The EPS Tactical team was called for the arrest. The man was surveilled in a moving vehicle with 2 female passengers and once they arrived at a building near 105 St and 38 Ave and the women were out of the car, the tactical team went in. A confrontation occurred and shots were fired, it is unclear how many officers fired. Tactical Emergency Medical Support (TEMS) was on the scene and attended to him but the man died from his injuries. The name has not been released. ASIRT is now investigating the shooting.
The archive team notes that the ASIRT report shows a photo of a 'weapon' found inside the victim's vehicle (see media attachment). Unless it has been modified, this is a paintball gun.
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Non-eyewitness, based on documentation
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Gun: service weapon
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Fatal violence
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Edmonton Police Service
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Multiple Officers
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Research team
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Fatal Incidents