Man fatally shot by police during attempted robbery


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Incident Title
Man fatally shot by police during attempted robbery
Incident Date
11 December 2012
Incident Description
Mike Bronaugh, also known as Mike Grisch, was fatally shot by two Edmonton Police Service officers responding to an armed robbery in progress call at the Canadian Western Bank at South Edmonton Common on December 11, 2012. Police were called around 2 p.m. to the Canadian Western Bank located at 21st Avenue and 99th Street where they found a man in his mid-twenties with a handgun. According to the evidence presented in the subsequent fatality inquiry, Mr. Bronaugh had made an appointment at the branch, but after sitting down with an employee, he demanded cash, then reached into his coat and "told her that she had twenty-eight seconds to produce the money, that he had a gun and would start shooting someone" (2016 Public Fatality Inquiry). The employee told Mr. Bronaugh it would take time to get the money and left to go to the bank's vault. The employee informed her coworkers and manager of the situation, and a supervisor placed a call to 911. When EPS arrived on scene, Mr. Bronaugh walked towards the bank entrance where two officers had entered with weapons drawn. According to an eyewitness and bank employees, Mr. Bronaugh drew a revolver only after the police entered the building. In the summary of evidence received by the fatality inquiry, one eyewitness (another customer in the bank) and the bank employees did not describe whether Mr. Bronaugh raised the gun; one responding police officer, Cst. McCracken, described Mr. Bronaugh as raising his gun toward the other customer and bank employees, while the other officer, A/Sgt Zielie, described Mr. Bronaugh bringing the gun up and appearing to point it at his own head, then turning to face the other people in the bank. Both officers described shouting at Mr. Bronaugh to drop the weapon, then firing their own guns - Cst. McCracken four shots from a rifle and A/Sgt Zielie two from a pistol, all of which struck Mr. Bronaugh. Mr. Bronaugh was taken to hospital and treated for his injuries, but died the following day with a medical cause of death "Multiple gunshot wounds".
Although security camera footage from the incident was presented as evidence in the fatality inquiry, the report does not describe the footage or clarify the contradicting statements on where Mr. Bronaugh pointed the gun once the officers entered the bank. In a media interview with the Edmonton Sun, Mr. Bronaugh's mother stated she believed he was in the process of raising his hands above his head to surrender. Hospital records submitted to the inquiry for Mr. Bronaugh indicated he was receiving treatment for cancer and having seizures but did not indicate mental health concerns; in a media interview with CBC, Mr. Bronaugh's father stated that he was suffering depression and may have wanted the police to shoot him.
In the fatality inquiry, A/Sgt Zielie stated that his decision to park his marked police cruiser in front of the bank window would not have been the appropriate practice had he known that Mr. Bronaugh was still inside the bank, which he believed "increased the danger to the people within the bank, decreased any tactical advantage the police had in responding" (2016 Public Fatality Inquiry). However, based on the testimony of both involved officers, an expert police witness from Calgary Police Service, and the statements made by the bank employees about their training on bank robberies, the inquiry concluded that it was extremely unusual that Mr. Bronaugh did not try to leave the bank quickly, and so no recommendations were made.

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Non-eyewitness, based on documentation
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South Edmonton Common
Injuries Incurred
Multiple gunshot wounds
Weapon used
Rifle; Pistol
Type of Abuse
Fatal violence
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Edmonton Police Service
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Research team
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28 October 2021
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